Printing in Kenya Cenre is one of its kind platform in Kenya and east Africa region to provide exclusive printing,branding, packaging ,paper and related products under one roof.  Printing in Kenya Cenre or rather drives huge traffic around the world and more particularly Kenya and Africa and thus a perfect platform to grow your business in the industry .


Paper is a key material in print, office and packaging industry across the world and Africa is not exempted. Paper is a component in Kenya printing and packaging and its uses ranges from offset printing, digital printing, heat press printing, corrugation, packaging, labeling among other a number of uses.

We have a number of reputed paper and boards suppliers in Kenya whom have been key in supplying the branding and printing companies in Kenya with the necessary paper they require for printing. Paper market in Kenya is huge this is due to the fact that most operation in Kenyan economy happen offline and most corporation and institution like school and offices rely heavily on printed stationary

Common papers in Kenya market include : copy papers, bond papers, wood free, art paper, art boards, Ncr (self-carbonated Papers) grease proof paper, transfer papers, newsprint papers, bank papers, manila paper, brown Kraft, sticker paper, label papers, duplex board and chipboard, photo papers, straw boards, MG covers among others papers.  This sites provided list of trusted paper suppliers in Kenya .

Print and Packaging

Print and packaging is practice in Kenya by a number of different entities, this include organized press firms, middle printing company, small print shop, printing brokers and individuals. All of the said, plays a vital role in the general growth of the print and packaging industry in Kenya.  List of the known printing companies in Kenya can found on this site under printing companies or press on this site.